About Maureen Haddock

For me, glamour is a state of mind and it means being discerning about every aspect of life. It means not settling for ill-fitting clothes, tarnished jewellery, tasteless food, bad grammar, disloyal friends, or boring days. It means dressing, each day as if I have somewhere important to go. Above all, it means being happy, because although I love accessories, especially glasses, the best accessory anyone can wear is a smile.

Grandmothers must keep shopping! First of all, shopping is good cardio. Secondly, there are millions of us, and if we stop consuming because we think our glamour days are finished, we will hurt the economy. Lastly, we need to show the world, that as varied as we are, grandmothers have more in common than they have differences.

This website is about family, fun, food, and fashion. I am well into my seventies, and I have had decades of experience and learned many truths. I love remembering and sharing past joys with people of all ages. The young people in my life offer me new ideas, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective.

In my blog Glamour for Grandmothers, I will share stories about some of the people I admire, some of my experiences, and a few ideas. My news page will be reserved for announcements and accomplishments that we as grandmothers may find interesting. In the video section, you will find some inspiring stories about Saskatchewan fashion artisans and more.

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