09 May
The Pantyhose Controversy


One day, not so long ago, I typed the word pantyhose into Google search, and pages of emotional comments erupted onto my screen. I was astonished to discover a simple item like pantyhose could be so controversial. At first, I read descriptive words like ugly, pasty looking, and torturously uncomfortable, but, further down the page, I found words like flattering, firming, therapeutic, and camouflaging. There were two diametrically opposed schools of thought about this garment.

I am, unashamedly, pro-hosiery. I love the ease of crossing my legs when they are covered in fine nylon, blended with spandex. One leg glides more easily over the other. Hosiery makes it possible to extend the crossed leg further, tucking the toe of one shoe behind the heel of the other. This leg-stacking manoeuvre elongates the visual, dramatically.

The imperfections and irregularities on my legs, earned from a well-lived life, can be blended away or evened-out by wearing good hosiery, just like foundation improves the appearance of your complexion. Pantyhose will provide a smoother silhouette beneath a clingy dress. However, the most important reason for wearing pantyhose is to improve circulation. Yes, they are good for your health. I never travel without donning at least a medium support hosiery, to help keep my blood circulating during extensive periods of inactivity.

As some of you know, my very discerning legs are soon to belong to a pensioner. Back in the 1950s, my little girl legs knew the difference between the weekday brown stockings and the Sunday white stockings. The white ones looked sweet but were tight and felt scratchy. I preferred day-old stockings of either colour. I remember hiding them away from the laundry basket so that I could wear them one more time. Clean or worn, clasps held up these stockings on the ends of suspenders, which dangled from garter belts. Although somewhat adjustable in length, these suspenders left a portion of thigh uncovered so we wore long-legged underwear, referred to as bloomers. When the temperatures were below freezing, we welcomed these bloomers.  However, even as a preschooler, I knew this wasn’t an attractive fashion. I looked forward to adulthood.  

I remember watching my mother put on her stockings whenever she was going out. Her stockings were labelled Rose Beige, and they came wrapped in tissue and folded in a flat box. On the lid of the box was a silhouette of a pair of lovely legs. We referred to these treasures as nylons, like DuPont hoped we would. They didn’t trademark the word nylons because they hoped it would become a synonym for stockings. By the way, nylons were made available to the public in 1940, and DuPont sold 64,000,000 pairs in that first year. Their advertising purported nylon to be “as strong as steel, and as fine as a spider’s web.” I wasn’t allowed to touch my mother’s nylons, but I admired them.

My mother would be wearing her bra, slip, garter belt, and panties before she took the treasured box from the drawer. She sat on the bench that matched her vanity and put white gloves on her small hands.  She carefully gathered one stocking to the ankle, making it the size of an ankle sock. She pointed her toes into the nylon and began to release the stocking as she moved her gloved hands up her leg. Once in place, she ran both hands up her leg, one more time, bringing any loose fabric with her, and then attached the clasp on each suspender to the heavier thigh-band of her nylon. Once both legs were stocking-clad, she checked her rearview in the mirror to be sure the seams were straight. There were little black seams down the back of the legs. The heel was reinforced with a pretty pattern, saving the stockings from wear and tear while flattering the ankle. Women who snagged or tore their nylons before payday simply drew seams on their bare legs using eyeliner. I imagine they had help doing this. Have you ever tried to draw a straight line up the back of your leg?

Women have always worn body-shaping undergarments. However, with the design of the panty girdle and the accompanying marketing, women were persuaded that to jiggle when you walked was embarrassing. There were panty girdles for every occasion, including athletics. It became fashionable for young women to force their firm, delightful bodies into tubes made of latex, rayon, and rubber, often reinforced with power net or boning and always embellished with suspenders.

My first long-legged panty girdle had suspenders attached up inside the legs. We rolled the panty girdle legs up a few inches to find the suspender clip and attached our nylons.  Then we returned the girdle leg to its original position removing any chance for a glimpse of flesh. We were encased completely, like sausages, and it wasn’t sexy. I longed for my brown stockings and bloomers. Panty girdles were hard to pull on and off, were uncomfortable, expensive, and discoloured over time. Perhaps the only beneficial use for these garments was as a means of birth control or appetite suppression. Sadly, many of us suffered vascular issues later on because of the constriction of circulation by these garments. Of course, the miniskirt was responsible for the revolution against the panty girdle, but I will save that for another blog.

Had it not been for the girdle, I might not have such a vivid memory of my first pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose came into being in 1959, but it was 1967 when I first encountered them. I was attending summer school at the University of Saskatchewan, and I had a small budget for personal items. I noticed a spinner rack of pantyhose displayed in a little all-purpose shop near my campus residence. The pink packaging drew me closer, and the Golden Glen company logo had a yellow brick road appeal. I imagined, apprehensively, that getting into a pair of pantyhose might feel like struggling into a girdle with the nylons already clasped in place. The package promised me an all-in-one, no seams, comfortable result. I bought them.  

The next morning, I left the girdle in the dorm dresser drawer beside the nylons, put on my white gloves, and gathered up one leg of my new pantyhose. The first leg glided all the way up to my groin.

Now, I gathered the second stocking, but, once gathered, it was at my crotch, fully attached to the panty part of the garment. I would have to get my foot to my crotch to be able to place my pointed toe into the second leg. After losing my balance several times, I developed my half-mast style of getting into pantyhose.

I lowered the first stocking to the knee and brought the second one up to the other knee. Putting pantyhose on wasn’t as simple as pulling on a pair of trousers, but it was easier than fighting with a girdle. I used two hands to guide the hosiery up my left leg a few inches, then gave my attention to the right leg, then back to the left leg, and so on, until I had inched my pantyhose into place.

As I walked across the campus, in my tent dress, I thought everyone could tell I had left my girdle in the dorm, even though my dress didn’t touch my body anywhere but at the shoulders. By the end of a day of sitting, running across campus, and eating lunch on the lawn, I felt a new sense of freedom. After a few days, a snag led to a run, and even adding a drop of clear nail polish, I couldn’t prevent their eventual demise. I gave up a couple of lunches to buy another pair, and my love affair with pantyhose began.

The author in1968.

Last year, when we flew to Europe, I wore hosiery and boots on the plane. I arrived with slim ankles and no leg cramps. Our stewardesses looked glamorous in their flesh-toned hosiery, and they told me they wear them on all overseas flights. I began to hatch a plan to shop for hosiery anytime, anywhere.

I discovered wonderful pantyhose in stores in Europe. I have also found the Internet for shopping and gathering ideas. We have to research if we want to enjoy pantyhose. Even if you tend to be anti-pantyhose, I encourage you to learn more about what is available. Otherwise, when it is minus forty, you will have no choice but to wear pants.

Tips About Pantyhose:

1. Learn about denier. Denier is a unit of weight by which the fineness of silk, rayon, or nylon yarn is measured. Wearing a 40-denier stocking is like wearing a good foundation on your face. Bluish veins and sunspots are blended away.  Opaque hosiery, mostly for wearing in winter, would be at least 70-denier. The amount of spandex in the fibre content will contribute to how snug your garment will feel. The ones I choose can vary from 15 to 25% spandex. In most pantyhose, the panty has more spandex content than the leg.  

2. Look for pantyhose with a built-in bikini or tanga, instead of a fully reinforced panty. This design looks less industrial, and you don’t get a bump where the panty pressure changes to the leg pressure. Sometimes you can find pantyhose with an invisible panty. I am continually searching for this style of hose.

3. Whether you wear panties under your pantyhose or not is a matter of preference. I usually do, because I sometimes remove stockings that have developed unsightly runs or have become uncomfortable. By the way, if I am attending a dress-up function, I carry extra hosiery in my evening bag.  

4. If you wear pantyhose that haven’t an actual heel built-in, sew a tiny knot of coloured thread at the center back of the waistband before you wash them. That way, on your second wearing, the little wear marks from your heel won’t be on the top of your foot. Keep slightly snagged hosiery away from the others; wear them with your boots.

5. YOu have permission to wear pantyhose with your open-toed shoes, but make sure you choose a nude or natural colour and make sure they have sheer toes. All fashion ideas are just someone’s opinion, and these are mine. My mother’s generation wore ankle socks with pumps. I have recently seen this in the magazines, again, but I won’t be embracing the idea. This winter, in magazines, they showed black tights with open-toed gold shoes. That look wouldn’t work for me either. My view is that you wear whatever fits your style, makes you happy, and feels comfortable.

6. One mature fashion blogger, who creates YouTube videos on many fashion issues, recommends Donna Karan’s invisible pantyhose to wear with open-toed shoes. They are called Signature Satin with built-in tanga and are 85% nylon and 15% spandex. They are only 15-denier, but she insists they enhance the leg by toning and blending colour irregularities. Always open to a new concept, I have decided to try these when I find them. It occurred to me that tinted moisturizer is translucent but still evens the skin tone of my face. Maybe my devotion to 40-denier semi-opaque hosiery will be challenged. Perhaps 15-denier pantyhose actually could work for me for an evening out. The blogger’s name is Scarlett De Bease, and she is one of many fashion-savvy people on the Internet.

7. The saddest thing about pantyhose is that just when you fall in love with a brand, they discontinue the product. Never mind. Investigate the hosiery department wherever you go. I have purchased good pantyhose in Austria, the Netherlands, and small-town Saskatchewan. Read the labels carefully. Try them, and, if you love them, take a photo of the package with your phone so that you can find them again.

8. While writing this blog, the most amazing thing happened. I wanted to tell you that Secret is a wonderful company, but sometimes they confuse their customers. For example, Secret Active has recently become Secret Sheer Energy. The Secret Collection, medium support hose, looks and feels similar to Secret Active, but the range is only available in certain drug stores. And so on and so on, but then something changed.

A couple of days before my blog deadline, I walked through the hosiery department at Sears, and, in the last aisle, I noticed Secret Revive, medium support leg, 40-denier, with - are you ready for this - INVISIBLE CONTROL PANTY! Oh yes, and they were on sale. The more you bought, the more you saved. They will have to restock this week. I smiled all the way to my car.

9. There are new lines emerging every day. It is good to keep up with trends. Try something by Pretty Polly, sometimes referred to as PP nylons. Their Naturals line promises to create a flawless finish, which they say is better than bare. Interesting! They also offer pantyhose with old-fashioned seams running up the back of the legs. Choose these if your outfit has a vintage look. You can find Pretty Polly at Shoppers Drug Mart.

In Conclusion:

If you are still with me, then I thank you, and I look forward to hearing your hosiery stories. Until then, I’d like to propose a toast to DuPont. We walk on nylon carpets, wear nylon blend fabrics, and use household items made from nylon. We also have to thank the DuPont team for creating the beloved spandex fibre, back in 1959. You may recognize their trade name, Lycra. Today, I am happy to wear an invisible panty in my nylon, spandex Secret pantyhose. I wonder what the future will provide for my comfort and camouflage. 

Circa 1975: Nylon pantyhose with no spandex did sag at the ankles. 

FYI: The 1975 Eaton's catalogue featured one page of pantyhose and ten pages of girdles.    

Comments (11)

  • Jerrie Ross
    June 25, 2019 at 08:10 am

    Twenty years ago, when I bartended and was a cocktail waitress having to wear short skirts, I wore a brand called GIVENCHY. I loved this brand because they were so tight on my legs that it was like pealing them off my legs when I got home. They never fell down, and they cost around 12.50 a pair, and that was over 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the company that was based in Paris, I think, sold to a US company and ever since then the pantyhose have not been the same. They are not tight; they’re nothing like they were before. I have been trying to find a pair that comes close to what these did, but I’ve never been able to. If anyone has information that can help me find a brand close to what I used to buy, I would be so happy. I wore Control Top Pantyhose with sheer toes called BODY SMOOTHERS. I also like GIRDLE TOP FULL SUPPORT LEG REINFORCED TOE HIP AND TUMMY CONTROL I’ve been searching for over 20 years and have found nothing I like at all. I have even spent up to $50.00 for one pair hoping they would be what I was looking, with no luck.

  • Gini MacRae
    December 14, 2016 at 09:52 am

    Maureen, What a wonderful story you have written! Going by your photo and the way you wrote about your very first experience with pantyhose, you might be just a bit older than me. But, I can totally relate to a time when "my love affair with pantyhose began." Like you, I remember watching my Mother go through the ritual of dressing up. And I remember the first time *I* slipped a pair of nylons over *my* little girl legs. I knew instantly that I would ALWAYS want to wear stockings whenever I dressed up. That said, I also recall that I HATED pantyhose when I first tried them on. Maybe it's because I tried a cheap low-quality brand, not sure. But I fell in love with them when I started wearing L'Eggs and eventually Larkwood and Schiaparelli. In the mid-80s, I discovered Silk Reflections and they are still a regular in my day to day wardrobe. For a time, Victoria's Secret made a very wearable everyday pantyhose, but not any more. Like you, I discovered that there are wonderful brands of pantyhose overseas. Pretty Polly is definitely one of my favorites and so is Aristoc. To any woman who has not stopped COMPLAINING about pantyhose, I say, "Get out and see the world! You don't know what you're missing!" Gini

  • Joe Inhose
    April 8, 2015 at 03:18 am

    Loved reading your story. I wondered what you would think about sons like me, getting into my mom's pantyhose, since I was a little kid.

  • Will Doe
    December 22, 2014 at 10:14 am

    I loved reading your story, I love wearing pantyhose every chance I get. I am on my feet all day and find that they do offer some support due to leg fatigue. I also love the way they make my legs look as well. I wish it was more acceptable for guys to partake in the joys of pantyhose.

  • Kay Robertson
    June 10, 2014 at 05:15 pm

    Maureen I read every word of your pantyhose story and identified with all of it. I remember the pre-pantyhose days, when we were both in high school and even in university, when more of us often wore dresses. (I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen you in slacks!) I recall welcoming pantyhose when my skirts got shorter and shorter. Thanks for reminding me of all that! K

  • Isabelle Mills
    May 12, 2014 at 11:54 am

    I love reading all the items from The Cookie Jar.

  • Maureen Haddock
    May 9, 2014 at 08:34 pm

    Helen, you totally reminded me about cutting up pantyhose. I remember redesigning two pairs of pantyhose so I could wear the good leg from each damaged pair. It meant wearing two panties, or at least two waistbands. With nylons you could buy a few pairs in the same colour and just match the singles. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  • Gord Haddock
    May 9, 2014 at 08:19 pm

    Although I have only worn pantyhose a few times, for a few special occasions, I have been told by reliable sources that my pins looked "terrific". I have to think the pantyhose made all the difference. So much so that I was named Miss Congeniality by the judges at the Kinsmen Beauty Contest Fund Raiser. I ran as Talula Tidbits. Sometimes when you're at the top, it's best to quit.....and I did....for 10 years...but my comeback is another story! TaTa for now....TT - AKA-the boy.

  • Helen Davis
    May 9, 2014 at 08:01 pm

    Loved your pantyhose stories....I don't have many. My main pantyhose wearing days were when I attended Luther College in Regina in Grade 9 when I was thirteen years old....where we had a dress code..including wearing a skirt. I bought my pantyhose at the Army and Navy Store downtown. Being a bit on the tall side....I always had to make sure I bought them long enough...otherwise the crotch was midway between the proper place and my knees. I cut used pairs with runs into sections so I could pull it over my very curly hair to straighten it...Vidal Sasoon and his short straight hair styles were a huge challenge for me...and the cut up pantyhose came off to produce a straight head of hair. That is my main use of pantyhose in all of my life...never had the life that required me to wear dresses or skirts that much...I preferred tights or a black opague when I needed them. Thanks for sharing your stories....always love reading them.

  • Marion Murawsky
    May 9, 2014 at 05:46 pm

    Maureen , if you submitted this in my clothing & textiles class you would get an A+++++++ Love the whole story

  • Rauncie Kinnaird
    May 9, 2014 at 10:39 am

    I love the journey in this blog Maureen. I have never found a great fit in nylons and I may tackle it again. My son at the age of 4 sat beside a friend in church. He rubbed her leg through the sermon. He was in love with her sexy nylon legs. I want to find that pair that is sexy and now have new tools for shopping for them!

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